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General Writing


1. Punctuate the following sentences.

1. It rained heavily during the afternoon but we managed to have our picnic anyway.

2. The mayor may do something to beautify the city for example he may encourage people to plant more trees.

3. Because the man was only three when he left Vienna he does not remember the city.

4. If they want to win athletes must exercise every day.

5. We are visiting Beijing and we plan to go to Qingdao three days later.

6. Who do you think should be held responsible for this traffic accident?

7. According to the dictionary the word incredible means the same as unbelievable.

8. He handed in his term paper last week but his teacher did not approve it.

9. I can assure you Ms. Green that I have finished the report we hope to start the work next week.

10. I will be happy to give you a tour of the palace the young girl said.







2. Correct the mistakes in punctuation.
1. Tom. When are you going to tell me about the next part of the love story?

2. The average price of a PC is declining, more people are buying them for home use.

3. When he was in high school. He was known only as a keen-witted man.

4. Thirty-five passengers were injured, in a train crash last night.

5. Pop music. Baseball. And painting are all interesting to him.

6. I ,usually, have time to eat breakfast before I go to work..

7. The wild grass was flourishing but the rest of the lawn unfortunately was dying.

8. Chinese, English, Hindi, Spanish, and Russian, these are the world major languages.

9. He called the telephone company to complain about his bill, and got no reply.

10. Having chosen nursing as a career the girl enrolled in many science courses.






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