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Practical Writing

  Invitation card:
  The following is a typical wedding invitation card. Notice that it very clearly states who is getting married, where and when, and how and when to reply. The letters RSVP indicate that a reply is expected.
Sample 1
  Task 1
  Using the above card as a sample, write a wedding invitation card for a future wedding between two of your friends. Make it realistic by using correct names of people and places. But the wedding does not have to be in a church, it may be in a restaurant or a hotel instead.


  Invitation letter:
A sample invitation letter to an Alumni gathering.
  Notice that all the key facts the alumni must know to decide whether to attend the reunion are included, and that it¨s very clear what they should do next if they decide to attend. They know who is invited to the reunion, who else is welcome, when the event will occur, how long it will last, how much it will cost, when and how to reply, and how to ask any further questions they may have.
Sample 1


Dear Classmates:
   Time certainly flies! It has now been five years since we graduated. As members of the Reunion Committee, it is our great pleasure to invite you to our Fifth Reunion the first weekend of June of the current year. You and your spouse, if you have one by now as we do, are cordially invited to join us on the campus and celebrate our friendships and successes. Free housing will be available in the dormitories, but if you would prefer off-campus housing, or if you have children, inexpensive housing will also be available at the Happy Valley Hotel. The only cost for those living on campus will be for the meals and the entertainments. The meals will include dinner on Friday, three meals on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. The entertainments include a folk music concert on Friday evening and a dance on Saturday evening to the lively music of our classmates¨ band, The Happy Valley Rockers. Baby-sitting services will be available on Friday and Saturday evenings if you need them. Please fill out the enclosed registration card and return it to us by May 15th if you plan to come. Call us at 777-7777 or email us at jjjhvc@happynet.com if you have any questions.

                 John and Jane Jones, Reunion Committee,
                 Happy Valley College, Happy Valley, USA


  Task 2
  You are on the committee for the 10th reunion of the Class of 1992 at Happy Valley College. Most of your classmates will now be married and many of them will now have children. So you may want to have more family events at your reunion. Write a letter inviting your classmates to this event. Follow the advice provided before the sample letter for the 5th reunion. Try not to use the exact words of the above letter if you can think of different ones.

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