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General Writing
  If we want to write clearly, we must learn how to punctuate correctly. In fact, every mark of punctuation carries some meaning and gives hints to the readers. An incorrect punctuation mark can often change the meaning of a sentence and cause misunderstanding. Some students tend to use the full stop everywhere in their writing. For example, "The mother loved her children very much. She worked hard. And she saved money for them. But they don't quite understand. The mother is very sad. And that is too bad.? This really sounds terrible. A good writer is always careful about the punctuation. We can be good, too. Now let's start!

1. Punctuate the following sentences.
  1 Lovers walk hand in hand in the park paying no attention to people around.

  2 The worker was very tired from his work and he couldn’t go on without a good sleep.

  3 Xiao Ling is a good student although he failed chemistry and barely passed mathematics.

  4 Not all highly educated people enjoy traveling but many world travelers are well educated.

  5 The new worker quit after a week surely the pressure was too great for him.

  6 She had three articles published in three popular magazines TV Guide Reader’s Digest and Woman’s Day.

  7 One of my friends asked What did they mean when they said We won’t buy the story.

  8 Finish the report by Thursday said the manager If you finish early you can take Friday off.





2.Correct the mistakes in punctuation.
   1. Oh Dear, what are you doing on the roof?

   2. The editor told me what I wanted to hear, my article had been accepted.

   3. The Smiths new house is not far from the railway station.


   4. I realized at once that something was wrong I was not, however, the only person who was concerned.

   5. To be or not to be, that is the question. ... Hamlet

   6. The bell was about to ring, the students closed their books and every one watched the clock anxiously.






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