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General Writing

Verb Tenses

1. Fill in the blanks with proper forms of verbs in the brackets.

1). (Be) he alive, he would be proud of his son's great success in business.

2). We insist that he (finish) his job as soon as possible.

3). If I were to lose my job, I (not be) able to pay my bills

4). As September approaches, every school child wishes that his or her vacation (be) longer.

5). We would have been in real trouble if it (not be) for your timely help.

6). The committee proposes that she (be) appointed treasurer immediately.

7). I would rather he (tell) me the key to the question right away.

8). If she had only listened to me, this (never happen).

9). I requested that his sister (be) present at the meeting on time.

10). We recommend that the trip (postpone) because of the bad weather in that place.



2. Correct the mistakes in the verb forms in the following sentences.

1). It is important that theory is combined with practice.
2). If it were to rain tomorrow, the sports meeting will be put off.
3). Our only proposal is that the problem has to be solved as soon as possible.
4). If I had known you were coming, I shall have baked more cakes.
5). He'd rather the kids leave tomorrow instead of today.
6). She looks very happy, as if she has got some wonderful news.
7). If you had stopped smoking as the doctor told you, you can be better now.
8). The mother closed the window lest the baby caught cold at night.
9). If my brother had been seven feet tall instead of less than six feet tall, he must be a great athlete.
10). The students wish that they pay more attention to English writing.




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