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Practical Writing

If you want people to attend your lecture, or some other events, you should put a notice in places where it will easily be seen, such as cafeterias, dormitories, and classroom buildings. The notices should clearly and simply describe the event, so readers will easily remember the key details. Questions the notice should answer include the following; (1) Who? (Who is the sponsor, who is the speaker, who should come, may they bring friends or guests, etc.); (2) What? (what is the subject, what is the method of presentation, etc.); (3) When? (day, date, time, etc.); (4) Where? (address, building, room, etc.); (5) Any other key facts? (e.g. cost, if any).



Design a notice which may include the following information.

Michael Cox, expert on learning strategies, will give a lecture on creative emulation on your campus. You must make the notice so that your classmates and possibly others will know they can attend.



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