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General Writing

Passive Voice

 Generally, we prefer the active voice to the passive voice in English writing, However, there are situations in which passive voice is preferable. The passive voice is used when the actor is unknown or unimportant or when we want to draw attention to the person, place, or thing being acted upon. Besides, we choose to use the passive voice when it requires an impersonal tone voice, such as scientific writing, which often describes procedures--and not the individuals who carry them out.

1. Change the following sentences into the passive voice.
1). Many people believe that the basketball team will win the game this time.

2). They didn't know whether there was water in the lake in winter.

3). The workers are pulling down the old hotel at the corner of the street.

4). They young girl thought that someone was following her so she kept turning round to have a look from time to time.

5). The tourist asked the policeman and he told him that the hotel was on the Fifth Street.




2. Correct the mistakes in the following sentences
1). He wants to tell him that the tape-recorder is belonged to him.
2). Mr. Li was failed because he did not work hard.
3). Everyone of them was seemed tired and wanted a good rest.
4). I really ought to buy a new pen. This one is not written well.
5). The picture was looked so beautiful that he stayed in front of it for quite a long time.



3. Change the poorly used passive voice into active voice.
1. I listened carefully so that the speaker could be heard clearly by me.

2. He tried to act cool when he slipped on the ground, but he was still laughed at by the other students.

3. Standing at the top of the mountain, the whole city can be seen.

4. The biology students went to the forest, where many old trees were examined.

5. To save time, my paper was written on a computer.


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