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Practical Writing

Practical Writing:
1. This is a typical order form for an American monthly magazine. Fill in the blanks assuming you'll order the magazine.

Please tick one:  
□ Payment enclosed (check payable to Time Inc.) Name (Mr/Mrs/ms)
□ Bill me later Address □ Home □ Office
□ Please Charge my card
Card No.
Signature:X Tel:(H) (O)
Expiry Date Fax:
□ New  □ Rerew Email:

2. Write a new order form for a weekly magazine, which costs either $52.00 per year or $2.50 per week. Assume that the magazine is Time Magazine (you may be familiar with it). Make it clear that the customer saves 60% by ordering this magazine for a full year. One may pay by sending a check or billing it to a credit card. If they use a credit card, they should say whether it's Visa, Master Card, or American Express.




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