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General Writing

Verb Tenses

1. Choose the correct form of the verb in the brackets.

1. The participation of the boys (was, were) essential to the success of the experiment.
2. Almost all of the students in the History Club (enjoys, enjoy) Chinese history.
3. An old friend of my parents (come, comes) to vacation with us every summer.
4. The speaker whom you saw at the lecture (is, are) one of the famous professors from Beijing University.
5. Anyone who (want, wants) to get higher education has to pass the entrance exams for college.
6. My father and my mother (want, wants) to learn how to use the computer.
7. Each of these English texts (need, needs) to be read twice.
8. Many a year (have, has) passed since I came to the University.
9. Diligence and good luck (is, are) the keys to his success in business.
10. A number of students (was, were) late for this morning's class.


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