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Culture Salon
Newspapers in The US 开始朗读   

   There are more than 1500 daily newspapers in the US. Each one is usually sold only in one part of the country, e.g. in a city, but they cover national and international news. In larger cities there is often more than one newspaper and the different ones express different political opinions. Some newspapers are sold in nearly all parts of the USA, e.g. USA today and the national edition of the New York Times. Two other newspapers, the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post are known and respected all over the US but cannot be bought everywhere. Other important newspapers are: the Boston Globe, sold in New England; the Chicago Tribune, sold in the Midwest; the Christian Science Monitor and USA Today, both sold nationally; and the Washington Post on the East Coast. Many people read the national Sunday edition of the New York Times because it includes the weekly New York Review of Books.

Daily and Sunday newspapers
    Daily newspapers are published on every day of the week except Sunday. Sunday newspapers are very big, often having several separate parts. They contain many longer articles and a lot of advertisements. Each section deals with a different subject. E.g. national and international news, sport, travel, etc. One section, the classifieds(分类广告), has advertisements for jobs and things for sale. Another cartoon section is often called the funnies or funny papers. There is often also a magazine which is in color.

Online newspapers


   Many traditional newspapers are now available online, and even more new ones have been started there. There are thousands of online newspapers now available throughout the world. These may resemble the newspapers of the future. Indeed, they may BE the newspapers of the future. To find a good list of them, use your computer and go online to http://library.uncg.edu/news/, or to a number of other websites you can easily find by going to www.google.com and entering “online newspapers” in the search box. One of the best online newspapers is the electronic daily edition of USA Today, which may be found at www.usatoday.com. Please give it a try and see if this is the kind of newspaper you’d like to read.


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