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General Writing

Consistency of Verb Tenses

  We use the verb tense to indicate the particular time of an action, event or condition. When we want to describe a number of actions or events, we may use different tenses in a sentence, a paragraph or a whole composition. Necessary changes in verb tense help readers understand the relationships among various events. But if we make unnecessary or inconsistent shifts in tenses, it will cause misunderstanding. Generally, we keep one tense as the main tense and indicate changes of time by changing tenses relative to that primary tense.

Fill in the brackets with the correct forms of the verbs given in the brackets.
 It is good for students to try some part-time jobs while studying at college. First, by doing part-time jobs, a student can learn how to be responsible. As an employee, a student has to go to work on time. If he 1 (start) his work at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning, he must get up early. It doesn't matter if he 2 (stay) up studying or went to a party the night before. Also, he has to learn how to do his work carefully and diligently if he does not want to lose the job. Second, a student 3 (get) to know the value of money through part-time jobs. Many students 4 (depend) on their parents for money, but they do not know how hard their parents have worked to support their study. When a student 5 (try) to make money by himself, he will realize that "money doesn't grow on trees." Third, a part-time job 6 (enable) students to learn how to work together with others. Usually, a job requires the efforts of different members of a working team. In the team, everyone should learn to be helpful, to care for others and be cared for by others. 7 (work) as a member of a team will build strong character in students, and the experiences will surely help them a great deal after their graduation and 8 (benefit) them throughout their lives.

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