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Practical Writing
Posters and Invitation Cards

1. Poster of a concert
To write a good poster for a concert, or some other entertainment, you must arouse the readers' interest and enthusiasm. Graphics are very helpful for this. Then you must clearly and simply give the readers all the information they need to know to attend the event at the right time, place, etc. If there is an admission charge, say how much it is.



Using the above poster as a model, make a poster for a music concert at your campus. You may include the names of local places, people or groups to make it more realistic.


2. Invitation cards to a party
To invite people to a party does not require a fancy card unless the party is very formal. But the information should be very clear and specific, and it should also be clear whether an acceptance of the invitation is required. If so the letters RSVP ("Reply Sent Very Promptly" in English, or "Repondez s'll vous plait" in French) is sometimes used.
Sample 2

task 2:

Write an invitation card to a party for graduating seniors at your campus. Include local details to make it interesting and realistic.



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