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General Writing

Verb Tenses

Tense is used to indicate time. By using different tenses, we can set the time of the particular situation we want to describe and also show the continuity of the action or state. If we do not want our readers to misunderstand the time of actions and events in our writing, we should try to use verb tenses correctly. It is true that high school graduates have already learned a great deal about English verb tenses, but when it comes to writing in English, many students tend to make mistakes. So if you want to write with correct verb tenses, more practice is necessary.

1. Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of the verbs provided.
1. Because of television, the Internet and their own travels, the students see the world as a much smaller place than their parents once (do).
2. The secretary will get everything ready before the manager (come) back.
3. The students (read) the textbooks in the classroom when the teacher came in.
4. Mr. Wang (make) great progress in his study of English since he came to college.
5. They hope the young boy (take care of) the dog while they are away from home.
6. I still remember laughing at my professor when he said it (be) hard for me to come back if I dropped out from college.
7. His parents (live) on the farm near the river for the past 20 years.
8. I want every day of my life to be meaningful and I think that what my teacher (tell) me yesterday will help to make it that way.
9. The sun (rise) by the time I got home from the party.
10. By the time I graduate from college I (learn) English for 10 years.


2. Correct the wrongly used irregular verb forms in the following sentences.
1. He had a terrible journey this morning. He was hold up in the traffic for an hour.
2. I couldn't believe that the first paper I writed in college was so terrible.
3. All my classmates feeled very excited when our team won the basketball match.
4. When I started to learn English, I finded it very difficult to remember the new words.
5. Mobile phones have becomed very popular in our country during the past 3 years.
6. The sports teacher has finally chose 3 students for the summer training course.
7. He has just spend a lot of money on the pop song records for his girlfriend.
8. This is the first time I have heared of his problem in his job.
9. The girl leaved the office and came over to speak to us.
10. Several days ago friends and I enjoyed our holiday on the beach and swimmed in the sea.


3. Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of the verbs provided.
Music is part of most people's lives. Good music can bring happiness to many people. Some people 1 (like) classical music, but for most young people, pop music 2 (seem) more attractive. Young people are interested in pop music because it comes from real life and 3 (sound) cool. Most young people like to sing pop songs or listen to them. They find that the tones of pop songs are easy to follow and the words are easy to remember. So when a pop singer 4 (sing) a lovely pop song, some young people 5 (sing) it together loudly. Besides, many pop songs can tell us about love and romantic dreams. I have a friend who 6 (feel) very sad when he 7 (lose) his love.But a month later, I found that he 8 (become) much better.He told me it was pop songs that cheered him up. I like pop music because it can express the personal feelings of young people in the modem world. While listening to pop music, I can get strength. Some pop music, especially rock music , will help me forget my troubles. WhenI 9 (fail) in something or get depressed,I 10 (listen) to rock music. and soon I will feel much better.

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