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Listen and Talk
At a Party

Connie is invited to Zhang's party.

They drink beer or soft drinks and talk about their hobbies.

1) in full swing(口语)正起劲的、正有声有色地进行的
2) to eat sb. out of the house and home(口语)把某人吃穷
3) to hit it off (with)(口语)(与…)合得来
4) outgoing外向的、善于交际的
5) adventurous喜欢冒险的、敢作敢为的
6) hiking徒步旅行
7) Good to see you could make it. 很高兴你能赶来。
8) I'd like you to meet my sister. 我想让你认识一下我妹妹。
9) Let me introduce her to you. 我来介绍她给你认识。
10) I never know you were into that. 我还不知道你迷上这个了。


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