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General Writing

Number of Nouns and Articles

In Unit 2 of the Integrated Course book we have some exercises on countable nouns and uncountable nouns. Special attention should be paid to the usage of the different kinds of nouns. But we should also note that many nouns are sometimes used as uncountable and sometimes as countable with different meanings. When uncountable nouns are used in plural form, they often refer to the particular things whose meanings are related to the conceptions of the uncountable nouns. Compare:

   difficulty 是佃    difficulties 醤悶議是佃議並秤    responsibility 夭販    responsibilities 醤悶議光釀惟

1Fill in the blanks with nouns in their correct forms.
1. He seems to have expressing himself clearly in English.
   A. difficulty    B.difficulties

2. The young couple bought a set of for their new apartment with a handsome sum of money.
   A. furniture    B. furnitures

3. He had so that I helped him to carry it.
   A. many luggages    B. much luggage

4. What is your favorite of transportation (住宥)?
   A. means    B. mean

5. In foreign languages there are many unusual idioms and a lot of .
   A. slang    B. slangs

6. Through frequent repeated I learned to play the guitar.
   A. effort    B. efforts

7. Through a long continuous I climbed the tall mountain.
   A. effort    B. efforts

8. The of several teams of scientists all led to one result.
   A. research    B. researches

9. Several of my best experiences have involved to new places.
   A. travel    B. travels

10. Foreign can be very interesting and educational.
   A. travel    B. travels


2 Correct the misuse of articles in the following passage.

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