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General Writing
Number of Nouns and Articles

 Number of Nouns

We all know that most English nouns are countable, and still there are some uncountable nouns, but unfortunately we seem to forget the rules while writing. Usually we find sentences with incorrect use of forms of nouns in students' writing. See if you can find the mistakes in the following sentences.

  1. We can learn a lot of knowledges by reading books.
  2. I think it important for us to give the smokers an advice.
  3. The computer is very useful because it is able to store much information.
  4. They are interested in the little girl because she speaks a good English.

Fill in the blanks with nouns in their correct forms

1 He has made rapid in his study of English.
A. progresses B. progress

2 We should pay attention to the of English grammar while writing.
A. rule B. rules

3 I believe that will help us review our lessons.
A.homework B. homeworks

4 A child from a poor family has the right to receive .
A. educations B. education

5 We are making for the final examination.
A. preparation B. preparations

6 Some of the factories in that city can also produce advanced .
A. equipment B. equipments

7 People may have different opinions about .
A. happinesses B. happiness

8 It is clear that books about sex and will do great _________to young people.
A. violence /harm B. violences /harms

9 Students should have the to face the problems in their study.
A. courage B. courages

10 He is a college teacher of many years' .
A. experience B. experiences

The use of English articles (a/an/the) is one of the most difficult points in writing. Although learners have learned a set of rules about articles, they still have trouble and tend to misuse them.

Fill in the blanks with definite or indefinite articles where necessary.

Do you have experience with online classes? I must admit at first I found online classes quite uncomfortable! Although I used 1. computer every day, I didn't get used to chatting for 2. long time. So when I took part in 3. group's scheduled weekly chats, I had 4. hard time keeping up. By 5. time I'd finished typing in my responses, I'd missed about 6. dozen comments. And by 7. time I'd answered 8. question, we were already on to 9. third topic. To solve the problem, I decided to write down the main points of the topics for 10. coming weekly chat and preview 11. lessons. This is where I began to see 12. real help of the online environment. I was able to log in any time of day or night to review 13. homework, to see other students' comments, or to add my own comments to 14. week's lecture. Most of the students in our study group were from other cities or even other countries. Their different views certainly made 15. class interesting! Overall, I found the class enjoyable and I felt I learned a lot.

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