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Culture Salon
Are You an Online Learner?  开始朗读

Every form of learning favors a certain set of skills. Ask yourself the following to decide if online learning is right for you:


1. Do you have the tools? Most online courses will state what equipment is required. In any case, an up-to-date computer and a fast Internet connection will best serve you.

2. Are you comfortable with the technology? You'll have to understand your hardware, any software and the course interface before you can reap the benefits of online learning.

3. Do you manage time well? Online learners usually don't rely on a set block of time for a class; it's up to you to decide when to go to school. Online learning demands a larger time investment overall. In a traditional class, there simply isn't time for every student to share in each discussion.

4. Are you self-disciplined? It's easy to sit back in an online course, but your learning will suffer if you don't participate. The lack of accountability could lead to poor study habits.

5. Are you comfortable in reading and writing? While some classes have audio or video instruction, reading and writing are still the dominant means of communication.

6. Can you handle delayed responses? You may find that your momentum suffers without an immediate response to a question.


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