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General Writing

Forming Compound and Complex Sentences

1. Combine the following pair of sentences into compound or complex sentences by using the conjunctions provided.

1. You need to know what rights you have. You need to know how to use them. (and)

2. The car was very cheap. The car has been extremely reliable. (but)

3. The equipment is not accurate. The equipment is not safe either. (neither...nor)

4. Do you understand that? Is the matter still not clear. (or)

5. Jane is absent today. She is not feeling well. (for)

6. Do you know the man? We have just passed the man's house. (whose)

7. I saw him. I was walking to the football field. (when)

8. We met the boys. We generally meet them there. (where)

9. I don't like coffee. The coffee is really hot and strong. (unless)

10. Hob had not worked hard. Hob didn't pass his examination. (because)


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