Part II Vocabulary and Structure

Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. (15 points)

Section A
Directions: Choose the definition from Column B that best matches the word in Column A.

  Column A Column B
  ________ 21. conquer A. unwillingly
  ________ 22. ignore B.overcome
  ________ 23. reluctantly C.give and receive
  ________ 24. scare D.take no notice of
  ________ 25. exchange E.frighten

Section B
Directions: Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of the words given in the brackets.

  1. In the United States, all children between the ages of 5 and 18 must ________ (attendance) school.

  2. The meeting began ________ (punctuality) at nine o¨clock.

  3. She felt quite ________ (loose) after taking a trip to the seaside.

  4. Negative student ________ (respond) to online learning are also due to time factors, particularly for students with part-time or full-time jobs.

  5. It¨s Friday again. What about going to the pub to have some ________ (entertain)?

Section C
Directions: For each of the underlined words or phrases, 4 choices are given. Choose the one that best explains or defines the underlined part.

  1. The computer is likely to overheat if used for too long.
    A) tends  B) intends  C) pretends  D) contents

  2. As they approached the village, they saw a lot of new houses being built.
    A) arrived  B) returned  C) reached  D) came near

  3. Clothes and blankets have been distributed among the refugees.
    A) handed in  B) turned out  C) got up  D) given out

  4. The bank is said to have been robbed in broad daylight. The police are now investigating the case.
    A) looking up  B) looking into  C) looking over  D) looking through

  5. For the good of both parties, the discussion soon struck the real issue.
    A) difficulty  B) question  C) problem  D) consideration

  6. Why are some cancers cured by chemotherapy alone, whereas others are unaffected by drugs?
    A) while  B) where  C) when  D) however

  7. We were almost asleep when Chris finally showed up.
    A) showed off  B) presented  C) vanished  D) appeared

  8. It¨s Friday again. What about going to the pub to have some entertainment?
    A) programs  B) pleasure  C) happiness  D) joy

  9. Only ten minutes remained before the train left, but we managed to arrive there in time.
    A) dealt with it  B) got around it  C) made up for it  D) made it

  10. The course in World Civilization History will be offered online to the freshmen.
    A) given  B) showed  C) sent  D) composed

Section D
Directions: Each of the following sentences is incomplete. Choose the one from the 4 choices that best completes the sentence.

  1. I¨ve tried to ________ quarreling with him, but his behavior always makes me angry.
    A) ignore  B) avoid  C) consider  D) cancel

  2. Nick is very _________about using computers, though he is only a freshman.
    A) good  B) dependent  C) confident  D) interested

  3. Pessimism is often regarded as a kind of psychological disease, and can have _________ effects on ones physical health.
    A) minor  B) questionable  C) positive  D) negative

  4. It¨s a long trip, ________ road you take.
    A) whatever  B) whenever  C) whoever  D) whichever

  5. The room was so noisy that it was several hours ____ I got to sleep again.
    A) since  B) after  C) unless  D) before

  6. Gone are the days ____ my heart was young and gay.
    A) which  B) that  C) when  D) on which

  7. Whatever the condition is, my camera can be _____________ to take pictures.
    A) accepted  B) adjusted  C) received  D) remedied

  8. Although George has many personal problems, he _________ present every day since the first day of class.
    A) has been  B) had been  C) is  D) was

  9. Each individual has his own right to _______ his own career and freedom.
    A) find  B) pursue  C) consider  D) register

  10. You shouldn¨t have called me while I was giving my class. You ________ me after my class.
    A) might approach  B) would have approached  C) must approach  D) could have approached

  11. They aimed to ________ a new theory of evolution based on the latest findings in archaeology (深硬僥).
    A) define  B) produce  C) construct  D) instruct

  12. She should spend __________ one hour practicing spoken English every day if she hopes to pass the College Spoken English Test in November.
    A) at last  B) at best  C) at most  D) at least

  13. A ______word is often on a higher pitch and it has a longer duration, i.e. the vowel appears to be longer.
    A) pressed  B) crucial  C) stressed  D) impressed

  14. Some people don¨t think that online articles are ______ sources of information.
    A) available  B) prevalent  C) dependent  D) reliable

  15. Many college students like to chat on the Internet. They think talking with friends on the Internet is _______ casual and exciting _______ face to face.
    A) not only ... but also   B) less ... than
    C) more ... than       D) neither ... nor

  16. It has been such a long time ____ I saw him that I¨m not sure if I will remember him.
    A) that  B) before  C) since  D) as

  17. What a lovely night scene! The lights____________ brightly.
    A) shine  B) are shining  C) shined  D) were shining

  18. The students __________ to the teacher that they had too much school work to do, and as a result, they had little time to relax.
    A) complained  B) charged  C) insisted  D) maintained

  19. Due to a drastic change in the world situation, the gas price _______ from 10 to 30 dollars a barrel.
    A) changes  B) sells  C) charges  D) ranges

  20. 60. Whatever your opinion is, it is welcome. Your feedback will _______ the improvement of our courses.
    A) contribute on  B) contribute to  C) contribute in  D) contribute for

Section E
Directions: Each of the following sentences has 4 underlined parts marked A, B, C and D. You are to identify the part that needs correction.

  1. He spent the (A) whole  night (B) writing  the essay, (C) hardly  (D) to stop  for a little while.

  2. He tried every (A) means  to (B) make out  (C) that is written  (D) on  the paper.

  3. (A) Neither  your friend (B) nor  your advisor (C) have  agreed (D) to help  us.

  4. I usually (A) wear  a coat but (B) I don¨t wear  one today (C) as  it (D) isn¨t  cold.

  5. High school students¨ responses (A) to  online learning were generally positive, (B) while  communit college students (C) enrolled in  traditional classes expressed a desire for a (D) living  instructor.

  6. It was (A) such  a cold day (B) so  she (C) decided  to stay (D) indoors . A B C D

  7. (A) As long as  the students are (B) concerned , they (C) should have  enough time (D) for  both study and play.

  8. The train was (A) due  to (B) sailing  at nine o¨clock in the morning, (C) but  (D) was delayed  by the fog.

  9. (A) I wish  (B) I had known  that Jane (C) had been  ill. I (D) would have gone  to see her. A B C D

  10. The distance learner may have problems (A) separate  (B) work  from home life, (C) experiencing  tensions. (D) in relations with  their family.?