Part VI Translation

Section A
Directions: Translate the following sentences into English.

  1. 周末我喜欢与父母一起呆在家里,而我的朋友们却热衷于去那些嘈杂的俱乐部。(keen to)

  2. 我们可以从事各种各样的业余爱好,比如听音乐、看电影、或者跟几个朋友聚一聚。 (pursue)

  3. 为了给女朋友留下深刻的印象,史蒂夫甚至借用了他爸的跑车。(impress)

  4. 由于出生于富裕家庭,迪克感到很难适应乡间的生活。(adjust to)

  5. 对于那些计算机操作水平有限的学生,在线学习环境可能成为一种挫败的体验,而不是学习的体验。(rather than)

Section B
Directions: Translate the following sentences into Chinese.

  1. He ought to be a software engineer or something like that since he has been good at playing computer games from his childhood.

  2. A series of terrorist incidents that happened in the past few days brought great panic to the tourists in the city.

  3. No matter how hard it is, you should solve the problem before you leave for a journey.

  4. Just as we know, it is quite common for college students in Western countries to pay their way through college.

  5. The Internet is packed with useless information. Only when you always keep your purposes in 1mind will you not get lost in the Net.