Part IV Cloze

Directions: There are 10 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage.

  Some kids have a hard time  91  to the new freedom that they acquire when they leave high school and come to college. Here you are able to choose  92  or not you want to go to class. However, this responsibility comes with a great price. If you do not go to class, you may miss an important lecture and these are very critical when it comes time for that test that is fifty percent of your grade. With this responsibility I have learned how to manage my time more  93  .  94  1hating every minute of school, I value it  95  a time for me to prepare for the big test. This new schedule has also changed me in that now I  96  school is worth my time. I do not dread going to class. Yes, it is boring some of the time but since I only have two to four classes a day for only four days out of the week, it is not as  97  as high school. Also many of my courses require more in depth thinking. As an alternative to doing worksheets and  98  simple questions, college courses call  99  1 analysis and thought. Almost all of my homework now is writing papers and reading books. These essays most often entail an examination of a subject and what it means or what it reveals to me. Thanks to this routine, I have been able to investigate and recognize meaning more  100  and it has helped me in my thought process.

 A. content  B. adopt  C. finding  D. adjusting
 A. where  B. when  C. whether  D. if
 A. effective  B. efficiently  C. effort  D. affect
 A. Instead of  B. Rather than  C. Instead  D. Other than
 A. for  B. upon  C. as  D. with
 A. should like  B. feel like  C. look like  D. would like
 A. unpleasant  B. pleasant  C. enjoyable  D. misfortune
 A. answered  B. answer  C. answering  D. to answer
 A. in  B. for  C. up  D. about
 A. likely  B. prepared  C. ready  D. readily