Course Description

Spectrum elucidation course is one of required professional basic courses in the major of pharmacy, pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical engineering, chemistry, environmental protection, and food science. The predecessor of this course is the analysis of the industry in Hebei Institute of Chemical Technology, which was set up in 1975. Through the adjustment and merger of several colleges, this course has obtained the considerable development until now. Over the years of hard efforts, many effective works have been finished, including the design of teaching documents, the reform of teaching methods, the update of teaching media, bilingual education, the training of teachers, and the planning and construction of the laboratory. One of the outstanding teaching team has been formed with perfect practical ability, with structure of knowledge, education, title, age. The team is more reasonable, stable, and united.

From 2002, Hebei University of Science and Technology has began to conduct a comprehensive re-building in spectrum elucidation course and attempted to practise bilingual education. The original English teaching textbook has been adopted from that time. The curriculum compendium was revised and improved step by step. The new curriculum compendium increased the content of experiments based on keeping the original theory. The high-quality teaching has been fulfilled without changing the instruction hours. The teachers exploited multimedia courseware positively, and brought into full play the unique advantages of the teaching courseware, and realized teaching students in accordance of their aptitude. Related softwares were placed in an open laboratory, and students can take full advantage of the extra-curricular science and technology activities.

From 1975 to date, teachers obtained the rich practical teaching experiences, closely tracking the forefront of academic, which added the forefront and the new cross-subject knowledge into the course. For example, new two-dimensional NMR and Fourier transform data were added into teaching content. By so many improvements, the students can prompt understanding discipline front tendency. All of this new knowledge stimulates the study enthusiasm of the students. For the developing the soul of the course continually, the course team compiled courseware of spectral elucidation positively, instrumental analysis-related courses and textbooks, CAI multimedia courseware development. Instrumental analysis CAI multimedia courseware was published by Industry Press officially. At present, courseware has been used on internet perfectly.

Based on the request of College of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering at Hebei University of Science and Technology, students in the majors of pharmaceutical engineering, pharmacy and pharmaceutical require studying this course. Spectrum elucidation program holds a total of 2.5 credits with 40 class hours.

With the building of spectrum elucidation and the accumulation of bilingual teaching, the teacher-structured was reasonable and the teaching conditions were comprehensive. Now, we have the United States Bole Fourier transform infrared spectrometer BIORED FTS135, a dispersion type infrared spectrometer, UV-visible two spectrophotometers, a nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry. In the experimental practice of this course, we construct “simulation-experimentation-training” as complementary method inspired by “elicitation-interaction-guidance" combination of experimental teaching model. The modern methods, such as the computer simulation technology, CAI and so on, were introduced into teaching spectral elucidation experiments. Teaching methods developed from the manual operation, manual data-processing to computer simulation, digital display, and the computer data processing. This method can stimulate student’s innovative ideas and improve students’ ability to spectral analysis.

In recent five years, the course team acquired remarkable achievements in teaching and education research. And also obtained Provincial Teaching Achievement Award a second prize and a third prize 3 times, Hebei Province scientific and technological progress a second prize. More than 130 academic papers, among them 32 papers were indexed by SCI. 55 research projects, which hold 3.5 million Yuan for scientific research fund, were undertaken. Spectrum elucidation was selected as excellent quality courses and curriculum by the Hebei University of Science and Technology and Hebei Province in 2009 and in 2005, moreover, it is recommended to declare Nation Bilingual Teaching Demonstrate Course.

At present, the teaching quality of spectrum elucidation curriculum is stable with a good reputation. Through the application of excellent quality courses, the level of this course must be enhanced further. The quality of teaching will be accelerated by evaluation. All of efforts of this course will cultivate the high-level talent students in the major of medicinal chemistry, biological chemistry, applied chemistry and other professionals. And this course will make a greater contributions to all student in the future.






波谱解析课程经过课程建设与双语教学的实践积累,师资结构合理,教学条件完备,现在有美国伯乐公司傅立叶变换红外光谱仪BIORED FTS135一台、色散型红外光谱仪一台、紫外-可见分光光度计两台、核磁共振仪一台、质谱计一台。构建了波谱解析课程实验教学的“模拟-实验-实训”互补、“启发—交互—指导”结合的实验教学模式。将计算机仿真技术、CAI等现代化手段引入波谱解析实验教学。教学手段从手动操作、人工数据处理发展为计算机仿真、数字化显示、计算机数据处理,激发学生创新思想,提高学生波谱解析能力。